Research at the nexus of climate, humans, and water
Research at the nexus of climate, humans, and water


A hierarchical Bayesian GEV model for improving local and regional flood quantile estimates

Hyper-Resolution Global Land Surface Modeling: Meeting a Grand Challenge for Monitoring Earth’s Terrestrial Water

Past and future changes in climate and hydrological indicators in the US Northeast

Debates-Perspectives on Socio-hydrology: Socio-hydrologic modeling: Tradeoffs, hypothesis testing, and validation. Invited.

Analysis of the Arctic System for Freshwater Cycle Intensification: Observations and Expectations

The role of winter precipitation and temperature on northern Eurasian streamflow trends

Estimation of the Terrestrial Water Budget over Northern Eurasia through the Use of Multiple Data Sources

Multimodel Estimation of Snow Microwave Emission during CLPX 2003 Using Operational Parameterization of Microphysical Snow Characteristics


Extreme precipitation drives groundwater recharge: the Northern High Plains Aquifer, central United States, 1950–2010

A climate informed model for nonstationary flood risk prediction: Application to Negro River at Manaus, Amazonia

Virtual groundwater transfers from overexploited aquifers in the United States

Multi-source estimation of long-term terrestrial water budgets for major global river basin